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Gas fires, besides being a good source of heat that bring a nice feeling of warmth and joy. They add a good character to a home too, however they can pose a serious threat to life more than any other modern gas heater.

Modern Gas Fires come in mainly two forms of heating:
  • Radiant Heaters - where the fire radiates the heat towards the room and warm bodies and objects as near as they are to the fire.
  • Convector Heaters - where the fire heats up a thick metal surface situated over the fire and that that heats up the air, causes circulation until the whole air in the room warms up.
however all Gas Fires rely on a chimney to extract the products of combustion to the outside air and they have no fan to force them out. These fumes which contain some dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide could come back to the house and cause fatal disasters.

Our qualified engineers that will make sure that your old or new Gas Fire is safe to use.

We will make sure your Chimney works well. We will make sure that your Gas Fire

installation and operation are in accordance with Gas Safety regulations and latest industry standards so you can peacefully enjoy your beautiful gas fire, knowing that it is safe.

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